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Simply complete this form and provide the requested detail and upload photos or videos that promote your business.

Generally, within 24 hours, your business details will be live on the McKinney Pass website and listed on the actual pass.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 214-612-0555.

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Benefits of The McKinney Pass Integration
For Your Customers:

  1. Easy single form enrolment on your own Mobile Device. No filling out more paper forms or touching pens that other people have used.

  2. The ability for customers to pre-register from our webpage.

  3. No app to install. Store and manage your digital card in an app you already have on your phone (i.e., Apple Wallet & Google Pay).

  4. Single tap access to your card when near to location (for iPhone owners). No hunting around for a card in your wallet or scrolling through screens to find an app. GPS triggered reminders when in range of the business.

  5. Frictionless, contactless check-in when entering the venue via QR code scan.

  6. Subtle lock-screen notifications, informing you of special offers and useful information.

  7. Access to digital wallet coupons; never lose or forget your wasteful paper coupons.

  8. Always have the coupons to present whenever you are carrying your phone.

Use your digital card at all merchants to receive special discounts; no more losing or forgetting to use your plastic card.

For Your Business:

  1. Meet or exceed the latest COVID track and trace requirements.

  2. Brand Reinforcement - continue being innovative and customer-focused.

  3. Corporate Social Responsibility - No more wasteful plastic & paper.

  4. Operational Efficiency - Quick & smooth throughput at the door.

  5. Know Your Customer - Securely collect and store the appropriate customer data.

  6. Leverage New Channels - Engage with your customers based on their visiting patterns.

  7. Operational Opportunities - Simple but powerful location reminders to connect with your customers.

  8. Distribution efficiencies - No more emails being hidden in junk mail folders. Send special coupons and offers to customers.

  9. Brand Awareness - Access to your customers' lock screen (prime real estate). Your brand in front of customers' faces.

  10. Cross merchant application - Solution is independent of Point of Sale software and easy for all merchants to benefit.

Investment and expense efficiency - No need to spend massive money developing, distributing, and maintaining your own app (that most customers won’t install).


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