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Your Island Safety


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One of the built-in attributes of the Pono Pass™ is the ability to do "real-time" COVID-19 contact tracing. Because the Pono Pass™ is scanned for validation when it is presented at either a dining establishment or attraction, the Pono Pass™ information can be optionally augmented with a body temperature reading. This data is then sent to the Pono Pass™ server and saved for the duration of your island visit. Once a guest checks out of a hospitality property, this information is automatically deleted.

With this Geo-Bio data readily accessible for health-safety professionals, should anyone be diagnosed with any communicable virus, such as COVID-19, all exposed parties can be immediately contacted via text messaging and email communication. This functionality is already designed into the Pono Pass™ platform and has been enabled to ensure your continued safety while you are a guest in Hawai'i.

Your optional participation in this health safety initiative helps protect all Pono Travelers, hospitality staff members, restaurant employees, and attraction operators.


The Pono Pass™ is a simple and effortless way to protect everyone and have an enjoyable and risk-free vacation in Hawai'i.

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