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My Pono Pass


Engineered with the latest Apple technology, the sole purpose of the Pono Pass™ is to promote Hawai'i as an affordable, sustainable tourism destination.


Effective October 15, 2020, for your enhanced safety, the Pono Pass™ now has built-In COVID-19 Contact Tracing capability on every island.


Guests experience local dining and activities at a substantial discount while helping the participating hospitality foodservice associations and vendors conserve the funds needed to improve their businesses and improving the Hawaiian community.

There are other passes like the Go Oahu Card, but that service is limited to just that Island and can cost several hundred dollars. But with The Pono PASS™, the Pono Pass™ sponsors are providing you with an affordable PASS because they appreciate your business..

Below is just an example of what you might spend on your Hawaiian Vacation and how MUCH you will SAVE with your Pono Pass™ from The Pono Traveler Program. With this type of savings, you may even decide to stay in Hawaiʻi a little longer! If you do stay longer, we will make certain that your Pono Pass™ remains active for as long as you are our guest in Hawai'i. 

Any questions, simply give us a call at 808-479-6468

Assuming a party of 4 people is staying in Hawai'i for 5 days, by booking directly with the Pono Pass™, you could save $1,000 on meals and activities by using the PASS totally underwritten by our property management company and is simply a VALUE ADDED benefit of having your Pono Pass™.

Atlantis Submarine | $520

Umauma Zipline | $600

Parasail - Jet Ski | $480

PCC all day with Show | $720

Sealife Paradise | $720

High-End Dining (4) | $260

Casual Dining (4) | $400

Breakfast-Lunch (4) | $600

 Private Island Tour | $500

Local Taxi Trips | $200

Total | $5,000

PASS 20% Savings = $1,000


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